Investing in Tech Venture Building with Axelra at Early Stage 

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Disclaimer: The information on this page is not an investment recommendation, every investment in shares of a startup is subject to entrepreneurial risk. A loss in value of up to 100% of the invested capital is possible.

Investing in Tech Venture Building with Axelra

With Axelra, we are building and launching Tech Ventures and ship after 100 days revenue generating MVPs. Our Services cover Product, the Management Support and the Growth. Since 2019, we have been privileged to work with the following Tech Ventures to accelerate their Journey:

2019: Moflix/Swype, Sibex, Livealytics, Token of Me
2020: FQX, Freya Savings, GKB Gioia 3a, A.DNA, Digital Switzerland
2021: VIABZ, DeFi Suisse / Thorwallet, Shavejack, GoLog, Bosch PT
2022: Grizzly, Starflower, Matchspace, Frigg, GigTech, Finiki
2023: Beyond Beauty Club, toaa, Kinastic, Digit Soil, fliggs, Synaedge

Whenever possible, we want to have skin in the game to align the interest and therefore, we are open to different participation models depending on the maturity of the venture. 

We mostly work against cash and smaller part in sweat (in equity or tokens) and as a consequence , we do not only earn cash, but also equity investments of interesting Tech Ventures.

TechVentureBuildingProductManagementTrust ServicesBusiness ModelPSOPFundingVenture PlanLegalRoadmapBrandingMobilePlatformdAppsCampaignAutomationEcosystemCustomerAquisitionGrowthRecruitingPricing
Group 2VALUEEARLY STAGE STARTUPSCALE-UPTIMEPROFITSREVENUESBootstrapIDEATEFriends & FamilyVALIDATESeries A …GROWSeries … XPre-IPOPre-SeedLAUNCHExitTHE WILDERNESSFitRevenue: > 2k Profit < 0Valuation: 0.1 - 1 MioRevenue: 0Profit < 0Valuation: 0.01Revenue: > 100k Profit < 0Valuation:: 4 - 6 MioRevenue: > 1 MioProfit > 0 Valuation:: 10 MioRevenue: > 15 MioProfit > 0 Valuation: 16 MioRevenue: > 20 MioProfit > 0 Valuation:: 40 MioRevenue: > 100 MioProfit > 0 Valuation:: 200 MioTractionSeedSCALECustomer/Problem FitFind a problem worth solving for a target groupProblem/Solution FitGet validation from customers that your solution solves the problemSolution/Market FitBuild an MVP and sell your solution to the market as a product/serviceBusiness Model FitScale the business model profitably and pay attention to qualityGrowthAquiring businesses and scale to international marketsExitsell the shares to the public in a new stock issuance for the first timeRevenue GrowthScaling revenue by investing in hiring, marketing / branding to expand marketRaise50 k Bootstrap Family & Friends100 k Family & Friends Grants & Angels 0.5 - 1 Mio AngelsEarly Stage VCs1 - 3 Mio VCs, Funds Family Offices2 - 8 Mio VCsPrivate Equity Firms30 - 100 Mio Venture loansBank fundsIPO Investors15 - 50 Mio VCsPrivate Equity Firms Hedge FundsPre-MVPScribbleMVPR 1.0R 2.0R 3.0R 4.0PowerWeekMVPin 100 DaysFrom Idea to scalePre-MVPin 50 Days

Become a Tech Investor in Axelra Early Stage AG

What was originally intended as a particular plan for our employees, we are now opening up to everyone. We therefore launched in May 2022 Axelra Early Stage AG (UID CHE-436.364.683) as a 100% subsidiary of Axelra AG. Axelra Early Stage AG focuses on the Venture Building at early stage and is set to be profitable with its services from day one thanks to the experience and team of Axelra AG. Also, as a nice side benefit, Axelra Early Stage AG holds the following equity investments that are currently in the following stages:

Ideation (1 Mio): 49.9% Starflower, 49.9% toaa
Pre-Seed (4 - 6 Mio): 1% Digit Soil
Seed + Series X (5 - 100 Mio): 7.37% Moflix AG, 49.9% DeFi Suisse AG

Depending on the engagement model, we issue invoices in the form of sweat equity, which later convert into shares upon completion of the venture building process. At that point, the precise percentage of ownership is revealed. The valuation of Axelra Early Stage AG includes its own company (service revenues as well as capital gains) as well as the sum of all valuations of all investments.

Investors profit twice

As an investor in Axelra Early Stage AG, you have a double stake, as we are continuously building new tech ventures:

1. Service revenues and profit from our core Tech Venture Building activities. 
2. Capital gains of equity received from Tech Ventures for our services, with access to our continued expertise and network providing additional value.

Tokenization of our shares with Aktionariat

Important information: Read our disclaimer before taking any investment decisions.

Becoming an Investor of Axelra Early Stage AG Shares is easy, as we tokenized our shares and trade them on’s investment platform under the ticker AXRAS. 

With your participation, starting from just a couple of Swiss Francs, you will be able to directly and officially own a share of Axelra Early Stage AG. As the owner of the AXRAS tokens, you will be able to participate and profit from our future growth. AXRAS tokens are real shares according to Swiss law (OR 973 d) and not just a digital twin of the share.


Buy and Sell shares with Aktionariat

Our offer is limited to 50’000 out of 1’000’000 shares and it's easy to buy our shares. Download the Aktionariat App on your smartphone or tablet and create a digital wallet or use the Broker Bot and connect it with your existing wallet. This will enable you to buy (and sell) shares via bank transfer or digital currencies like Ethereum or XCHF. 

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Can I see the financial statements of Axelra Early Stage AG?

Axelra Early Stage AG was founded in May 2022 as a 100% subsidiary of Axelra AG. It therefore does not yet have a balance sheet. There will be provided a financial statement for the year 2022 as soon as it is available.

How can I buy shares of Axelra Early Stage AG?

Our offer is limited to 50’000 out of 1’000’000 shares and it's easy to buy our shares. Download the Aktionariat App on your smartphone or tablet and create a digital wallet or use the Broker Bot and connect it with your existing wallet. This will enable you to buy (and sell) shares via bank transfer or digital currencies like Ethereum or XCHF. 

How is the valuation determined?

At the start Axelra Early Stage AG as well as the 3.86% equity holding in Moflix AG and the 49.9% equity holding in DeFi Suisse AG were valued.

The valuations will be periodically updated.

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